What are we doing to prevent the spread of COVID19?


  • If you have an appointment with us and are concerned about the current situation, we are offering our clients the option to call us when they are here and waiting outside, whether that be on foot or in their vehicle.


  • We have chairs outside at the back of the surgery where you can wait until called for your appointment.


  •  We are asking our clients to be aware of the situation and their health when booking appointments, operations and visiting the surgery – especially during Saturdays open surgeries when the waiting room is often quite full. Weekday appointments are always available, and we are less crowded.
  • We have medical alcohol sanitiser gel for your hands and ask you to use it when arriving at and leaving the surgery.
  • We are wiping down our consult rooms, waiting and reception area with Chemgene HLD4I instrument disinfectant wipes. These wipes are impregnated with a multi-active disinfectant salutation that is alcohol free and tested to EN standards as effective against a range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts & mycobacteria.


What do I do if I am diagnosed with COVID19 or think I have symptoms of it?

  • Please call our surgery if you require long-term medication for your pet. Please DO NOT attempt to visit the surgery.
  • We are offering phone consultations to our clients who are unable to get to the practice, enabling clients to discuss with one of our Veterinary Surgeon’s any concerns just like a consultation. Please telephone the surgery and arrange a time for a call back. We are also looking into the possibility of video consultations.


How do I go about visiting the practice during the COVID19 pandemic?

  • We are open during our normal hours of 8:30am – 6:30pm – Monday to Friday. The BVA (British Veterinary Assocation) have recently posted an article regarding COVID19. To date, there is NO EVIDENCE that our companion animals can spread the disease. This means there is no justification in taking measures against them which may compromise their welfare.

For more information on COVID-19 and your pet click here


We are here should any of our clients need us via email, telephone or Facebook.admin@thedalesvets.co.uk

01943 463447


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