Laparoscopic (or keyhole) surgery has now arrived in Otley.


Endoscopic (or minimally invasive surgery - MIS) surgery is now well established in the veterinary world. This type of surgery will be well known to many of you and you may well have had surgery yourself performed in this way.

The biggest benefit from MIS is the reduced pain after surgery. Studies done comparing levels of activity and post operative pain after both conventional and laparoscopic surgery showed a significant reduction in pain and an increase in activity in the laparoscopic surgical patients. Reduced pain after laparoscopic surgery is attributed to reduced tissue traction as well as reduced surgical incision length.

Major wound complications are also reduced and return to normal activity is quicker. With the reduced incision length there is a markedly reduced recovery period. With the use of a vessel sealer there is also no suture material left in the abdomen to cause any complications.

Laparoscopic spays are now the preferred method for neutering female dogs. (Due to their small size, dogs under 5kg are not suitable for this procedure and dogs 5-10kg are assessed individually prior to surgery)


Reduced pain after surgery

Reduced risk of complications such as wound breakdown or herniation

Speedier recovery for you pet

Shorter time required for restricted exercise - this is reduced by over 50%

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