We offer appointments throughout the day Monday to Friday so you can plan your day. We have recently extended our appointment times from 10 to 15 minutes so we can fully discuss any problems your pet may have and allow any questions about treatment to be addressed. Due to COVID-19 we can no longer offer an open surgery on Saturday mornings so have changed to appointments only between 9.00am and 10.30am. As Saturday is always a popular day we ask you to make an appointment during the week if at all possible. Whilst we endeavour to keep to appointment times, there may be occasions when we run late: usually due to emergencies which are always seen as a priority.

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We Offer full surgical facilities and can perform all but the most complicated pieces of surgery. we have two operating theatres each designed for different types of procedure. we use heated pads and warm air blankets during surgery to keep your pets as comfortable as possible and to reduce heat loss during surgery. Pain relief is given as standard during the pre med and if needed your pet will be sent home with appropriate pain medication.



Our aim is to make sure any anaesthetic is as safe as possible. Unlike some vets we do not reserve the newest and safest drugs for old or seriously ill pets. We were one of the first veterinary centres in the UK to use Sevoflorane (the newest and safest inhalation anaesthetic) and to use Alfaxan (the newest and safest injectable anaesthetic) and these are used as a routine on all suitable patients. We use the most appropriate anaesthetic for your pet to provide the safest anaesthetic we can. Whilst anaesthetised your pet will be continually monitored by a vet or one of our nursing staff. We also have facilities for artificial ventilation (IPPV) to be performed for animals with breathing difficulties under anaesthetic.


Nurses Clinics:-

We Run nurses clinics throughout the day for some minor procedures such as nail clipping and microchipping. Our nurses also offer advice on feeding your pets, flea and worm treatments, dental care and they also run clinics for weight loss, diabetes advice and also advice for your ageing pet. (Most of these clinics are free of charge but some do attract a fee).


Microchipping :-

At The Dales Veterinary Centre we recommend that all pets are microchipped. The government mandates that all dogs in England must be microchipped, by law, from 6 April 2016. The cost for a microchip and lifetime registration is currently £15.00


Dental Services :-

We have similar facilities to your own dentist and can perform many of the same procedures. We offer advice on dental care including brushing, specialist diets and other products designded to reduce plaque build up in your pet. We can perform descaling and polishing of your pets teeth. We have digital dental x-ray facilities and can also perform root canal fillings as well as treat cavities and remove severely affected teeth.


Home Visits :-

Although we recommend that all animals that are ill attend the surgery where we have all our facilities, we do understand that sometimes a home visit is needed. We do offer home visits during the day but cannot guarantee we will be able to visit that day due to our other commitments. Most home visits are for euthanasia appointments that have been arranged in advance.

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