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Thank you for your kind consideration today. You were brilliant with my wayward German Shepard and he is now relaxing and feeling a lot better after his ear drops.
Thank you again, I feel much much better and more confident in bringing him to the vet again. Planning is the key! he does not like people, I know he will not change and can be very difficult to deal with.

Dear Mark and Staff.
My dear Oscar was put to rest last Tuesday, 13/8/2013. What a wonderfully cherished companion he was for 16 years! We really had good times together throughout.
Thank you so much for your kind card of condolence and indeed, your kindness and services over the years. I know that I shall be having another companion, so will be meeting up with you again. Do please let me know if the practice offers an adoption service.
In the meantime, Oscar was Oscar!
Thank you very much once again,
MD .... & Oscar!


How do I say thank you for putting Lottie at peace? This was never going to be easy but Charlotte and the lovely vet nurse (sorry, after all these years I don't know your name) made the injection as easy as it ever was going to be. Your kindness and gentleness will remain with me always.
Thank you, also, for the condolence card and how all of you were when I returned for a consultation with Jumble a short time later and what turned out the same time to return Lottie home.
Lottie is sleeping and at peace (back in the garden near the birds she watched).

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